About Us


HT Pro Bono trains highly skilled attorneys at private law firms to litigate complex civil, immigration, and criminal trafficking cases.  The Center has carved out a pivotal role bridging the gap among trafficking survivors, NGOs, and the legal community.

Because trafficking victims are an extremely vulnerable and traumatized population, we employ a rights-based approach, returning decision-making authority to survivors.  We are hands-on—carefully placing  each case referral and providing mentoring and technical assistance to volunteer attorneys.
In its first year, the Center trained more than 900 lawyers throughout the country and referred more than 60 victims and 24 trafficking-related cases for pro bono representation.


HT Pro Bono also joins forces to combat trafficking through policy reform.  In its first year, HT Pro Bono spearheaded a coalition against trafficking by diplomats and worked closely with partners on policy reform.

We coordinate impact litigation—cases that will affect future ruling.  And we undertake  in-depth research on implementation of U.S. law, such as awards of restitution for trafficking victims in federal criminal cases.  The Center has developed a comprehensive database of civil trafficking case law.

The Center educates judges, lawyers and practitioners nationwide. It draws attention to the issue of human trafficking through public events and frequent  media appearances (LINK).

HT Pro Bono is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (IRS determination letter).